AMS Bowfishing's THE JUICE™ Bowfishing Bow Kit with Retriever® TNT Reel

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AMS Bowfishing's  THE JUICE™ Bowfishing Bow kit | Rebel Bowfishing

AMS Bowfishing's  "THE JUICE"™ is a compact sized, trophy winning bow that will out perform all the competitors! THE JUICE™ is as smooth drawing and as lightweight as they come. It features an adjustable draw weight from 15 up to 50 pounds, an adjustable draw length from 17.5 inches up to 30 inches without a bow press and 60-80% let-off!

As an added bonus THE JUICE™ utilizes dual limb bolt Muck Buster™ line pullers. No more cutting your hands when trying to pull your arrow from weeds or muck, and is designed for either snap-shooting or let-off. 

The Juice™ Bow Kit Includes:

  • 1 Juice™ Bow
  • 1 AMS Retriever® TNT (Tournament) Reel with orange accents & 35 yards of 350# high quality braided Spectra line
  • 1 AMS orange scale pattern infused fiberglass bowfishing arrow with Chaos® point & Cyclone® tip
  • 1 AMS Tidal Wave® arrow rest
  • 1 Orange AMS "String-Things"® finger cushion set


  • Compact 29.25 inches axle to axle!
  • Draw length 17.5-30 inches
  • Draw weight 15-50 pounds
  • Brace height 7.5 inches
  • Approximate let-off 60-80%
  • String length 53 inches
  • Power cable length 32.75 inches
  • Total bow weight just over 3.25 lbs 
  • Snap shooting or let-off design
  • Blazing bright orange accents with super tough powder coated aluminum riser
  • Available RIGHT or LEFT hand